Paws Worldwide always has the intent of fairness and objectivity, and our mission is to improve the quality of life for all animals, reduce suffering and needless deaths. We offer a powerful set of tools that connects all animal data points to other members around the world. This tool will enable legitimate volunteers, rescuers, organizations and others to streamline their processes, have accurate information about any animal they are involved with at their fingertips, and help more animals in less amount of time and with less frustration.

With great power comes great responsibility. Paws Worldwide has no intention of handing those who abuse or defraud a more powerful tool in which to further their endeavors. Therefore, while we encourage everyone to become a Paws Worldwide member, we must limit membership to those who are not frauds, abusers, hoarders, etc.

Paws Worldwide reserves the right to grant or not grant memberships to individuals, rescue groups (501c3 designated or pending), foundations, shelters (government or private), veterinarians, veterinary clinics, pet food stores, groomers, transporters, sanctuaries, reserves, rehabilitation centers and others.

Paws Worldwide reserves to deny or revoke membership/s towards individuals, groups or organizations found to be guilty of:

  1. Violence/abuse/torture towards animals or people
  2. Animal hoarding
  3. Animal neglect
  4. Dog fighting
  5. Ritual animal sacrifice
  6. Illegal animal trades
  7. Fraud in regards to animals or otherwise
  8. Theft
  9. Dishonesty
  10. Erratic or unstable behavior
  11. A history of attempting to hurt the reputation or harm others through the creation of gossip and unfounded rumors, libel (printed) or slander (verbal), defamation

Paws Worldwide reserves the right to remove or prevent libelous or otherwise defamatory posts, advertisements, or otherwise. Paws Worldwide reserves the right to remove or prevent untrue/dishonest statements or information. If an individual or group is found to be a repeat offender of such acts, Paws Worldwide reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently revoke their account and records.

No individual or group shall have their membership denied or revoked without due diligence. Should an individual or group be under question (whether prior to starting their membership or after they have had a membership), they may be in a pending status account where they can access their own records, but not engage with other members through Paws Worldwide software.

Paws Worldwide reserves the right to further investigate any individual or group that is called to our attention with any or all of the above behaviors, which may or may not include background checks, credit checks, government background checks, investigation into DNA (Do Not Adopt) or DNR (Do Not Rescue) lists.

To report a Paws Worldwide member you believe is engaged in any of the activities listed above, please email us at: abuse@pawsworldwide.org.

While Paws Worldwide will always respect and keep your information anonymous to other members, and encourage any illegal and dishonest behavior to be reported, abuse of this system (repeatedly reporting people who are not engaged in any illegal/dishonest behavior, but reporting them for the sole purpose of damaging them and their reputations), will result in an investigation of the individual abusing the system and the possible revocation of their own Paws Worldwide membership.

Please have pure intentions in keeping animals’ best interests in mind when reporting an individual or group. Paws Worldwide will not tolerate vindictiveness, revenge or games.