Paws Worldwide is primarily an animal software organization but is also involved in hands on animal rescue. To see our animals available for foster or rescue, please go to our adoption page

Paws Worldwide offers LITE and PRO versions of an everything animal connected software.

  • Universal interconnected database
  • Lost & found search engine, interconnected with every other & the universal database
  • Adoptable animals match/placement assistance
  • Foster animals match/placement assistance
  • Transportation coordination, routes, locations
  • Equipment and supply loan/tracking

LITE members can join free and membership includes:

  • Registration
  • Adoption search/application
  • Foster search/application
  • Volunteer opportunities search/application
  • Transport opportunities search/application
  • Personal animal registration
PRO members can join free for a limited time, and until our sponsored memberships run out. PRO is best for users who have multiple companion animals to care for, run rescues, shelters or veterinary clinics, are busy fosters, or work or volunteer in animal rescue or any animal-related industry.

PRO membership includes everything LITE membership has access to, but additionally:

  • Calendar/scheduling events/appointment reminders
  • Coordination of transport schedules/drop offs/pickups
  • Coordination of difficult and complex animal rescues involving pullers, transporters, fosters
  • Manage and organize shelter paperwork and spay/neuter certificates in one place
  • Rescue to rescue transfer with one easy survey
  • Ability to input and review an extensive animal medical diary for each animal in your care
  • Access to potential adopters and how likely they are to be a forever match for your animal needing placement
  • Advertise your available animals on the Paws Worldwide adoption search
  • Advertise your available animals on synced adoption portals such as Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet, plus 100 more
  • Create buzz throughout social media networks about your available animals, adoption events, fundraising causes and more, in one place
  • Access to potential fosters, their availability schedules and preferences
  • Ability to loan and borrow equipment, track the location of each piece of equipment, and keep a calendar of borrow/return dates